Inspiration Day (F)aces of the future

inspiratiedag 2021

This Inspiration Day is an initiative of Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit, and the City of Mechelen via the European project SURFLOGH.

Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit

A recognised umbrella organisation, the Netwerk Duurzame Mobiliteit unites associations from the sustainable mobility sector including, Bond Beter Leefmilieu, Fietsersbond, Mobiel 21, Mpact, Trage Wegen, TreinTramBus and the Voetgangersbeweging. We offer a place for meeting, interacting and collaborating, while serving as a source of information and inspiration, and as a point of contact for matters related to sustainable mobility. is the connecting network for shared mobility. The organisation promotes the alternating use of transport resources and supports the interests of car-sharing groups and service providers. It also represents the concept of car sharing with various stakeholders, putting innovative projects for shared mobility on the map in Flanders. dreams of a future in which everyone’s mobility needs are met with minimal use of space, optimal use of raw materials, and a positive effect on the environment. 


SURFLOGH is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014–2020. The focus of the project is the optimisation of the interaction between the hub and the urban logistics system, promoting both efficient and sustainable logistics in urban areas in small- and medium-sized cities, city regions and networks.

Inspiration Day (F)aces of the future is an initiative of 



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