Although self-driving vehicles appear to be far off at first glance, in this session, we give concrete recommendations to cities and municipalities on how to prepare a sustainable transition that allows for more automated transport. 

This session, which falls within the framework of the European ART-Forum project, gives local governments insights into the possible impact future autonomous road transport might have on our society. 

In recent months,, Mpact and the City of Mechelen discussed this subject with experts from Flanders and the Netherlands. The results of these workshops will be presented for the first time on Inspiration Day. Concrete policy recommendations enable governments to develop a vision around the rise of automated vehicles, without losing sight of the goal of making mobility more sustainable. After the presentation of the results and the policy recommendations, international experts will enter into a debate over the role of local governments in the mobility transition.


11u15 - 11u45  -  Policy recommendations for future sustainable and automated mobility

Arne Stoffels

Arne Stoffels works at Mpact as a project manager since 2020. He contributes to the European projects ART-Forum and SHARE-North, and to the international conference Shared Mobility Rocks. He is also part of the Flemish Mobility Council.


Esen Köse is project manager at Mpact. Since 2019, she is responsible for the European projects on automated vehicles (ART-forum) and on accessibility of shared mobility (INCLUSION). She is also the spokesperson for the youth work at Mpact, A Tribe Called Transport. 

ann vandeurzen

Ann Vandeurzen is project manager at the mobility department of the City of Mechelen. Ann has more than 15 years of experience in project management and works since 2019 in Mechelen. She coordinates two European Interreg North Sea Region projects, ART-forum (on autonomous road transport) and Acces (Advancing Communities towards low Carbon Energy Smart Systems). She is also responsible for local energy communities and smart charging infrastructures. Next to that, she promotes the roll out and promotion of electric mobility in Mechelen.

Merel Vansevenant

Merel Vansevenant works at since 2018 as a policy and project officer. She advises local governments on their car sharing policies, worked on different projects to promote carsharing by a broad public and by vulnerable target groups in particular and is involved in the European ART forum project.

11u45 - 12u05  -  Potential Urban Mobility Implications of AVs (with reservation)


Ditte Bendix Lanng is associate professor, PhD, Urban Design & Mobilities at  Aalborg University, Denmark. She researches place-based human-centred sustainable mobility innovation. She is co-author of the book 'Mobilities Design: Urban design for mobile situations' (Routledge, 2017). In 2019 she initiated C-MUS PRAKSIS, a research-based living lab specialized in sustainable urban mobilities design.


Ida Bruun Hougaard is a Techno-Anthropologist (MSc) at Aalborg University in Denmark. She is specialized in ethnographic research on the relations between humans and technologies within the field of Science and Technology Studies. Currently she is assisting in researching the first self-driving busses operating in Denmark.

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